Episode 4: Find Your Lane, Create Your Roadmap

Listen. There’s so much EVERYTHING right now, lots of noise and heaviness, so much second-guessing and uncertainty, thats this week, who knows what next week will bring? Emotions are running high no doubt, rightfully so. We are in a moment of time that will forever change us.

I think we can all agree every day lately we are waking up and its like the wild wild west, what are we going to be asked of now, are we even being considered, what will the “NEW” be like, or if you are already living in the “NEW” how are holding up? the crazy thing is, we were not even asked if we wanted NEW, but thats what we have been given. The lawmakers are making it up as they go, or so it feels that way and so its natural that we might react to all of it or each other. The emotions are high and thats makes each of us feel the loss of control. But the thing about control is simple, we don’t ever actually have it.

So lets just have some real talk. Real talk about finding our own lane and staying in it. Real talk about showing (back) up authentically, on brand, and with your culture intact.

Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine, I won’t judge) and tune in. Deep breaths, loves. We got this.

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