Episode 2: Emillee Fernandes on the Ecosystem of Service

Welcome back everyone! This week, I’m sharing my very first interview with the wise and wonderful Emillee Fernandes. Emillee is the owner of Jem Glamorganic Spa up in Canada, and the Dean and Founder of Jam Aesthetics Academy. 

Emillee and I went deep on fear of the unknown, the p-word (pivot), and a collective energy reactivation — no big deal! How the Spa world is looking and growing for her up in Canada and whats on the horizon as she takes this time to “pack her backpack for the trip ahead”

What are YOU working on right now too is the BIG take away question. How are you pivoting and showing up for yourself, your staff and your business? LOVE how Emillee really got into her business mantras, what makes her business brain work and how her vision directs her. Even the not so glam of how she’s managing to do her best from home right now on her sons Lego Table! Luckest mom ever!

“We’ve mandated this time for our staff as personal growth time. Time to live, and figure out how we want to show back up […] I’ve asked them to discern what they want their new normal to look like, what that feels like, what their soul craves. It can be as abstract as possible, because when we have that freedom to express and create, we can come together.” So True, our new norm is emerging and we get to write the story.

Emillee, thank you so much for being my first guest on Salon and Spa Coffee Talk! I could talk to you for hours, so I hope my listeners enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Thanks to everyone out there listening, too! If you want to learn more about Emillee, head on over to her website, or check her out on Instagram.

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